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DesignItOnline creates websites custom made to fit our client's needs. Our goal is to design websites that are effective and strategic (i.e., based on client's planned web strategy and focused on client's target markets.). We do this by:

  • Cost: Only $150/month.
  • Cancellation: Our clients can cancel anytime. No penalty charge.
  • 30-Day "Walk Away" Guarantee: In order to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services, we offer a free no-risk 30-day "Walk Away" guarantee to all of our clients. This means that any time within the first 30 days - you can walk away without charge. We guarantee it!
  • Using Fast and Efficient ProTechs: Our ProTechs are trained to have our client's websites up and running within an hour.
  • On-Site Visits: We know that time is a commodity for small business owners. Leaving the store during business hours is simply not always an option, nor a reality. Because of this, our ProTechs are conveniently available for on-site visits.
  • Customer Support - Unlimited: We know that starting a website can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. Understandably. Trying to decide how to design and customize your website is not easy - especially when half the material you're given is written in tech-jargon or tech-speak. Because of this - DesignItOnline provides unlimited customer support to all of our clients to help make the process less complicated. Less stressful. And most importantly - less painful.
  • A Business Identity: Our trained and talented graphic design team will work with clients, who haven't yet developed a finalized official logo or are just starting out, to create a personalized and professional look and logo.
  • Website Security: DesignItOnline has made security a top priority. To date, none of our websites have fallen victim to a hacker attack, worm, or virus. One of the reasons why we have been so successful in ensuring security where so many others have failed is we are completely free of Microsoft software. This is important since every single Internet outbreak in the last few years has been caused by a security gap in a Microsoft product. Because of this, we only use Linux servers and Open Source tools. While this is a common practice amongst most Fortune 500 companies - this is not common amongst companies/competitors like DesignItOnline. The majority are still on Microsoft platforms. Consequently, their sites are constantly plagued with a slew of security problems. Of course, you will not notice any difference on your end. Our sites are accessible through all web browsers available on the market today and can be accessed regardless of whether you are running Windows, Mac, or any other type of system.
  • Anything else? Just Ask. It's really that simple!
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