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The Simplest Solution is the Best Solution.
Today, having a competitive edge and a professional website is not only easy and affordable - it's expected. DesignItOnline's goal is to help our clients meet these expectations. Simply. Quickly. And Cost-Effectively.

To do this - DesignItOnline has focused its approach around the following facts:

  • Today - over 126 million adults (approx. 60%) in the U.S. use the Internet. 66 million of these go online daily.
  • Approximately 25% of online consumers use the Internet to shop locally.
  • "A nationwide survey of small businesses with Websites found that an online presence adds to credibility, marketing and sales, with 78% of companies experiencing the benefits." - iMEDIAconnection, '03
  • 77% of small business owners in 2002 agreed that a website is a must-have for small business; 60% said they wish they had built a website for their business sooner, and 85% would also advise other small business owners to have a website in 2002 (CyberAtlas, 2003).
  • According to a 2001 Gallup poll, "Nearly two-thirds of the small businesses who report having a website say the Internet is important or extremely important to their business. On a scale of one to 10, they rate its importance a seven or higher.
  • "57% of small businesses said their website has provided at least a 100% return on investment. In fact, the majority of small businesses with a website expect the amount of business generated from their site to increase. In addition, sales generated from the site, as a percent of the total sales, show a 23% growth in the past year."
  • By mid-2001, over three-quarters of small businesses with PCs were on the Internet (IDC, 2001). Figures show a 160% growth rate in the number of businesses with a website between 1999 and 2001 (CyberAtlas, 2001). Small businesses are using the Web to add value, improve communication, and increase sales.

Clearly - having a website is no longer an option for small businesses who want to succeed. That doesn't mean that getting one has to be hard, however. DesignItOnline's goal is to make sure of that. Simply. Quickly. And Cost-Effectively.

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